Elli Hardingham

“I wonder if you can remember all the way back to 16 February 2013? I want to say a belated THANK YOU! Please accept my apologies for not thanking you earlier, this year has been crazy! My bridesmaids and I looked so beautiful on my wedding day and I cant thank you enough, we all had so many compliments! You were so calm and loads of fun to work with, you slotted in like one of the girls on my wedding morning, adding to the giggles and excitement. One of my bridesmaids has been in a bridal party twice since and is adamant that her makeup on my wedding day looked the best and stayed on the longest – so props to you! We had a medical emergency at my reception and my precious aunty very nearly lost her life – she collapsed and went into cardiac arrest and is only with us today because one of our friends is a paramedic and was a guest that night. I’m telling you this only so you know just how amazing you are! Once we had word from the hospital that my aunty was stable and would be okay, we made the decision to carry on with the reception – meanwhile I had been sobbing for a good hour, was emotionally exhausted and thought that I must have looked a complete mess and not at all like a bride. I wasn’t sure that I had the confidence to pick up and carry on. To my absolute surprise, I still looked as fresh faced and beautiful as I did that morning! So thank you, your amazing make up skills helped give me the confidence to smile and carry on with my reception. I always name drop you when my friends get engaged! Thank you again!”

BRIDE | 16th February 2013

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