“I have to say, I was not stressed about my vendors on the day at all. We had chatted so many times in the lead up, and trialled twice, so I knew the quality of your work and your person. 

What I wasn’t prepared for was how good it would feel, or how calming/reassuring it would be to have you around. 
Nothing seemed to phase you, we had such a great morning, almost like a gossip coffee sesh! You are a beautiful person, and I feel grateful to have had your amazing creative touches 🙂 mum and kaitlin looked absolutely stunning; thank you!
As silly as it sounds, here is to a long (mostly-professional) friendship – Good luck making me look beautiful when I have been on night-shift and have a baby in tow hahah! 
They won’t be ANYTHING like yours or like the professional ones when they come, but here is our 4.30am red-wine selfie (check the face… NO movement haha!), and a few un-perfect photos of moments that remind me how perfect it really was… 
You are such a talent, and I’m so grateful you were with us on our day!”
BRIDE | Seacliff House | Saturday 14th December 2019
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